Best Behavior Services


If your child needs additional support to meet developmental milestones, we can help.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is widely recognized as the most effective form of treatment for individuals with autism, and represents the “gold standard” of care.

The goal of ABA is to strengthen skills that are helpful to an individual, such as social and communication skills, while decreasing behaviors that are detrimental, such as those that interfere with a person’s ability to learn. Some benefits of ABA include:

  • Improved receptive and expressive communication skills
  • Improvements in learning and academic skills
  • Development of age appropriate social skills
  • Development of self-care skills
  • Improved motor skills

Best Behavior Services often uses an ABA treatment approach called Natural Environment Teaching (NET). It involves teaching and generalizing new skills in the natural settings in which the individual lives, learns, and plays day to day.

Although our staff prefer to provide ABA services in-person, we provide telehealth services to families living in remote areas of Oregon. In response to the Coronavirus outbreak and the need for social distancing, we have made ABA telehealth services available to all families.

ABA Services for Autism with Best Behavior Services in Bend, Klamath Falls, and Medford, Oregon.